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Football Scoreboard Pro 2.1

Professional scoreboard that will get your players and spectators engaged
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Software scoreboards allow the use of the optional control screen to virtually eliminate the need for the hotkeys.
· The hot keys are completely configurable.

· When you are mousing on the display screen the mouse pointer turns into a very small barely visible crosshairs that is still easy to track on the PC, but is virtually invisible on the large display.

· The software scoreboards are positioned as replacements for physical scoreboards costing thousands of dollars and as such are quite reasonably priced.

· The rental option, for 1 month, does not include the USB registration key.

· The scoreboards are specialized because they are designed to meet the requirements of the specific sport. The physical scoreboards seen in most gyms are usually a compromise but mostly designed for basketball and do not have near the flexibility and configurability of our scoreboards.

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